About Us:


“Our policy to supply Satin Labels / Taffeta Labels / Tear Away Labels, Woven Labels, Printed Labels, Self-adhesive Labels, Clothing Size Labels, Hang Tags, Thermal Stickers, Barcode Stickers, Which meet customer specifications. All our attitudes and actions must be recognized as an expression of quality. Each delivery should create a recommendation for further business. We will focus on improving our systems.”

We believe that the customer is benefited because we meet quality specifications.

  • Have Technical Ability And Knowledge.
  • Communicate Precisely
  • Do Not Compromise On Quality
  • Offer Competitive Prices
  • Believe In Honest Dealing
  • Offer Volume Discounts
  • Provide Needed Information When Required
  • Can Deliver Quickly In An Emergency
  • Deliver Goods On Time


Consistently monitoring the production processes through regular inspection and regularly updating the buyer. Samples are collected at various stages to ensure quality and are sent to buyers upon request.

we believe that customers are our ultimate judges. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Our existence depends upon their appreciation of our products and Services.


Our goals are to bring quality and professional services for our customers on competitive price. We have a huge volume of capacity utilizing the latest software and computerized machines.

Our strategy is to focus on a limited number of complementary businesses. Led solutions to customer’s needs by being fast, flexible and responsive. We know exactly where we want to go, because our customers will show us the way. This will make them (and us) more competitive.